Location: La Carpio

Today we woke up to a delicious breakfast prepared by our host families. We then headed back to La Carpio to complete some unfinished business–Jasmine’s floor. Again, we mixed cement in the burning Costa Rican heat while we carried heavy buckets of wet cement down a flight of stairs to pour it smoothly over the family’s dirt floor. Some of us wanted to beautify La Carpio by painting their houses and dirty street walls. We used all different colors, and it looked great. As we finished the cement floor, it was amazing how the days of hard work paid off when we saw the happy faces of the family. It began to rain just before finished, and we headed to the bus. We went back to our host families and then headed to the local soccer field for one intense game to finish our night. After we were all sweaty and tired, we went back to our homes to shower and eat dinner. This day was one of the best yet.