Location: Whitsunday Islands

Every day starts with a sunrise. The exceptional beauty of each sunrise lies in the fact that most people sleep when it happens. So it was this time. Exhausted after the whole day of traveling, I fell asleep very early last night, so today I was the first to wake up. I went up the deck and watched as the sun painted the clouds pink, orange, and violet and finally turned them white, announcing the day. Soon everybody rose and, after breakfast, we could put the sails up together.

We sailed through the beautiful waters of the Whitsunday Islands, looking for whales and enjoying each others company. Then we arrived at our first stop, Border Island, where we hiked up a hill to see the breathtaking panorama of the Whitsunday Islands.

We stayed there for a little bit and then got to snorkel around the bay. The water was so cold! The only thing we dreamt about later was some decent rest. We sailed to our nightspot, chilling on board, and having some good time together. We saw some dolphins nearby and whales splashing in the distance. It was magical!

I love sailing here. The views are just magnificent – the islands, trees, sky, ocean… Looking at the waves makes me feel so calm, so at the moment. I guess that is the thing I love the most about this trip. We leave our past behind and the future to itself. We are who we are, here and now, enjoying every unique moment we have. And the adventure has just begun.