Location: Caribbean Coast


Today we started the day off at the Maribu Caribe (our hotel in Limon). After a short bus ride, we hiked up to the indigenous community of Cabecar, which took some time. We brought plenty of supplies with us to give to the community including tile, paint, cement, and tools. We waited for a horse and cart to carry all of our materials up the mountain to their health clinic and school. Once there, we painted their clinic and kindergarten classroom. We also gave them the extra tiles to use on a day with less rain. After lunch, our bus driver, Hugo, thought it best to do maintenance on the bus. Rob helped him. And, since we had some extra time, we bought ice cream and treats from the local store and waited out a rainstorm under the shelter of a grass rancho. For dinner, we ate Rico con Coco at a local restaurant and returned to the hotel for the night.