Location: Rio Pacuare

We had a 5:30 am wake up call, and everybody was groggy and tired. Only a brave few got out of bed fast enough to get to breakfast on time. The transportation from Rios Tropicales picked a few of us up on a bus, and the rest of us were taken in a van to their headquarters in Turialba. We had our “second breakfast” at their headquarters. It was a buffet style. Unfortunately, Robyn, one of our Lifework guides, was not feeling well and stayed behind. We missed her very much but, are glad she is back! After breakfast, we quickly left for rafting. On the way down to the river, we were lucky enough to see a wild sloth! We finally got to the river where we were given a safety tutorial for rafting. We rafted for 2 hours on fun class 2 and three rapids and stopped to jump off of a small waterfall. Soon after, we had lunch by the river which was made by our guides. We finished our rafting trip for the day and got to the lodge. We set up in our rooms and ventured out by foot, where we found an even bigger waterfall! We spent most of our time there and then had dinner. After dinner, we sat around a table and talked about personal experiences we had on the trip, and in life. The talk helped us to get to know each other. When that was over, we went to bed.