Location: Rio Pacuare

After a night in the beautiful (yet very buggy) Pacuare River lodge, we awoke to delicious banana pancakes and then went zip-lining! There were four zip-lines, and the scenery through the jungle was beautiful. After everyone was finished zip-lining, we had a quick pull-up contest, and then we loaded up our rafts to continue on our white water adventure. After making our way through some awesome Class 3 and four rapids, we took a stop and hiked up to a waterfall where we all had so much fun getting directly into and under the waterfall for a group picture. After a swim and a few slips down the rocks, we were back in our rafts heading down the river. The pirate raft, headed by Devin and Rob, was outrageously successful at overtaking other rafts and pulling people into the water, and everyone had fun with the naval mischief! After a couple of hours, we were at the end of our rafting journey, and we took a bus back to the main rafting place to eat lunch and shower off. Once we were all finished, we packed up our stuff into the bus and took a two-hour bus ride back to San Jose to meet back up with our host families. Everyone was exhausted and sore by the end of the day and ready to rest up for tomorrow!