Location: Cusco

Like yesterday we enjoyed fruit, yogurt, and eggs for breakfast. Early in the morning, we headed out towards Casa Mantay. Once there we played games to learn each other‘s names and faces. Afterward, we split up into separate groups to accomplish our assigned tasks. A group of us went to the kitchen to prepare chicken, salad, rice, and mayonnaise. Thankfully no one came out wounded. One group cleaned different rooms for the children. We cleaned the nursery. We also cleaned the playground and playroom. In another room, we played with the children, watched the children, and got to know the moms better. One of the girls we met was Kati who is 14 and had a month old child named John Gabriel. In total there are 11 moms all under the age of 16 with their child. After all the tasks were completed, we ate lunch together. After a delicious lunch, some of us played volleyball with the moms. After a tiring and intense match, we left early since we finished all the tasks at hand. We took a short drive to the mall where we purchased snacks and candy along with cookies, churros, and ice cream. We came back to the hotel after trekking the treacherous stairs and decided we were going to eat Peruvian Chinese food. Today the two of us learn how to not take things for granted and how to give back to others.