Location: Cusco

Started breakfast with a view. We journeyed to our beloved Casa Mantay, and we help the mamas clean the pantry, six lunch, and carry in food for the next few weeks. We clean the storage room which was very tiresome. Then we had lunch which we carried back from the oven some blocks away. Unfortunately, we had to leave early, but we went horseback riding! I, Mia, was kind of nervous to get on a horse but Hannah was excited. We rode to the first stop, got off the horses, and the guide showed us around. It was very beautiful, and everyone took lots of pictures. Some of the horses started trotting a bit faster, but the guides helped us slow them down to a more manageable pace. It was a little scary, but I will ride a horse again! There were also the cutest puppies at the horse riding place. We got on the bus and drove to the hostel. We played cards and took pictures on the balcony. The view is breathtaking. Then we went to dinner and had burgers. They were big, good, and filling. We took all the leftovers, which was a lot, to people on the streets. Now we are back at the hotel and ready for bed!