Location: Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Today we woke up at seven o’clock and had a busy day ahead of us. It was the start of our first day on Anegada Island. We were divided into three separate groups after breakfast. One group would be catching and tagging turtles, another group would be heading to the Anegada Rock Iguana Rehabilitation Center, and the last group would be taking a hike on the beach. I was in the first group getting on a boat to chase down sea turtles. We set out in a small boat with five people, including myself and our guide. The water was shallow and clear, and the bottom was sandy and grassy. We spotted five turtles during the trip and successfully caught two hawksbill turtles. We brought them back to the dock where other groups had also brought the turtles they caught. In total, we had four to measure, tag and release. It was a great and successful first day on Anegada.