Location: Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Due to our exhaustion from the dance last night, we were awarded an extra hour of blissful sleep, a change appreciated by most, if not all, of us. After a rather groggy start, we motored over to Leverick Bay to meet up with our now old buddy Cyrell, the taxi driver. He took us on a winding drive up the steep slopes of the island, dropping us off at the small front gate of Robinson O’Neal Primary School. Our feet had not yet touched the asphalt when we were almost pulled from our vehicle by enthusiastic and adorable school kids, who graced us with smiles, names, and hugs. After a few minutes of listening to the kids sing their morning hymns (It was a religious school), we listened to a short lecture on good manners by the soon-to-be-retired Police Commissioner, we were ushered to the brand spanking new playground, which perched on the edge of the steep hill and overlooked both the Atlantic and the Sir Francis Drake Channel (Don’t worry, it was surrounded by a six-foot chain link fence). The kids from this school were just as energetic and playful as those at Bregado Flax, but we were less tired out in the end, maybe because of the smaller space leaving less room for running in circles. After a slightly tearful goodbye, we strolled back to the docks and moored our vessel before taking off to enjoy the modern conveniences of the restaurants and shops. Some of us went shopping in the beautifully air-conditioned boutiques while others sat down to enjoy lunch in a shaded, open-air restaurant. At 3:00 we cast off, sailing north towards Anegada. The seas were slightly rough, but no more than we were accustomed to. After safely piloting the Catamaran through an extremely shallow channel in the coral heads, we finally made anchor just off of Anegada, then sat down to enjoy the delicious flavors of Mexican Taco Night.