Location: Prickly Pear Island, North Sound, Virgin Gorda

This morning, we woke up early and ate cereal for breakfast. Then, we put up the sails and sailed into the early afternoon. There was some rain, but by the time we arrived in Savannah Bay, the sun was out, and we relaxed at the anchorage before lunch. For lunch, we had macaroni and cheese cooked by Will. Then we went on a hike to a different beach and examined the absurd amounts of trash on the shoreline, which is unnoticeable at first. We took a boat picture with bananas (our fruit spirit animal). Back at the boat, we showered quickly and got ready for the dance. We boarded the dinghies and went to Prickly Pear Island for food and the dance. There was a DJ named Heavy Beatz who played fun music, and the venue was right on the waterfront, which was very beautiful. The dance ended around 11:30, and we came back to the boat for a good night of sleep.