Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we had a lazy morning as we waited for the storm to pass. We played cards and got to know each other as it rained outside. Elliot taught us about the different tools we would use throughout the trip and more about the projects we would be doing. After lunch, we set sail for Virgin Gorda. We arrived and saw the beautiful blue water. We took the dinghy to shore to begin our first project, clearing a trail from the beach to the road. As we walked on the trail, we realized that it had already been cleared a few days before. We widened part of the trail to make it more accessible. We then went to the windward side of the island and saw lots of trash that the storm had blown onto the beach. It made the destruction of the hurricane apparent to all of us. We then walked back to the beach and went swimming in the water. We were all amazed at how clear the water was. Some people decided to chicken fight, which was very funny to watch. We went back to the boat and had a great dinner of pasta and hot dogs.