Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning started very great. We all got up relatively early (aka 6 am!) and sailed to Spanish Town. Soon after, we arrived at The Little Rainbow school. The welcoming presence was overwhelming. The teachers of the school came and thanked us, offering us anything we might need. As the day progressed, we accomplished so much! A group of ~yoked dudes~ worked to build a table from scratch. They claim that the table is really strong. Elliot worked with other willing teammates to take down the swing set and begin to build the new one. All the rest worked tirelessly to weed, patch and paint the wall that separated the school from the street. The wall started a purple cracked mess. However, the result was so jaw-droppingly amazing that it made the locals stop and gawk. They were ecstatic, and many people asked us to sauce some paint on their homes for them. Overall the day was very successful, and everyone left the site with sore feet and paint-covered clothing. We ended the day with the most refreshing showers of our lives. 🙂