Location: Marina Cay

Today was very freeing. We left the dock and made our way through the ocean. We sailed for about an hour and a half, then picked up a mooring ball. The sight was beautiful. It was clear, blue water and the sun was shining. We then made our way to Peter’s Island in Dinghies with the other GoBeyond groups and learned about the background of this remote island. What I found inspiring and motivating was that we then all outlined our hands and put small ideas of who we wanted to be throughout this program. After that, we finally went for a swim. It was so refreshing. Towards the end of the night, we sailed even more way, which was even more breathtaking as we saw the open sea ahead of us, along with the islands of the British Virgin Islands. What I loved most about the day was becoming even more closely with my shipmates, and moving through the ocean and seeing the small islands that have so much character to them.