Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was our third day in this wondrous island paradise. The day quickly picked up speed as we got ready to begin a new part of our trip. We decided to head over to Copper Mine National Park; we were brought into the depths of crevices, and the most beautiful ocean view was presented to us at the end of this journey. We quickly got to work cleaning up beaches and finding all kinds of interesting bits and pieces. Upon our return to the dock, we discovered that some of our staff moved the boat to the dock. Eventually, we heard the sacred words, “Come get your phones and tell your parents you’re still alive.” Suddenly, the phone holder was rushed like a scrappy Quarterback at a high school football game. We were allowed from 11 am to 3 pm to go get lunch and explore Spanish Town. Of course, we were all excited to go experience certain luxuries such as sodas, candy, and even a small amount of shopping. As the day came to a close, we rushed over to a small beach for some more swim lessons with the local kids (Veryyy crowded). Then we ended the day with busy dinner prep and some great news that we could sleep in.