Location: Cuzco

Today was a nice and relaxing day (exactly as a first day up at 11,000 feet should be). Evan stayed in Lima a bit longer to meet Christian, our final group member, so they could both fly from Lima to Cusco together. Everyone else went with Meca and Mariana to Cusco and had a fun exploratory day around the historic city center. Some of us casually walked around, some of us napped, and others shopped around for souvenirs. When Evan and Christian arrived, we met them around 5:30 pm and continued our adventure into the famous Plaza de Armas (an old Spanish quarter at the center of Cusco). Following a brief money exchange, we went on an exciting trip to a very friendly shop owner’s alpaca store. A few of us (actually more like most of us) came out with gifts and sweaters to protect ourselves from the chilly weather the Peruvian way. Also, take a look at some of our Cusco vacation photos wearing traditional clothing next to an ancient stone wall! Following that adventure, we made our way back to the hotel with Mariana while Meca & Evan stayed behind to grab a nice pizza dinner. The pizza types available were delicious and unique. Everyone scarfed it all down so clearly it was pretty good. After that, we all checked in with Evan and got organized while Mariana and Meca got a chance to catch up on some much-needed sleep as well. We now have our journals to document the amazing journey to come. Now that everyone has settled in, it’s time to hear from the students themselves. Keep an eye out for our blogs and the pictures accompanying them since the students will be taking charge of the blog from here on out. Peru volunteer trip, here we come! Hasta manana.