Location: Anegada

Today we had french toast deliciously made by Yousef and Kendall (major shoutout) for breakfast. Got some shore time where everyone came back with bags of snacks- to supplement our amazing boat foods. We were beautifully driven by me, myself and I to the island of Anegada. Unfortunately, we were beaten by the other GoBeyond boat in the journey, but we’re still superior, so everyone is emotionally stable (for now). We finally handed in the laundry, and it was about time- Myles has one shirt left and has been wearing it since last night. We still love him even though he only likes bread with salt. He’s not a savage; bread has to be seasoned. After the gorgeous sail (again repeating that it was professionally skippered by ya boi) we went on extremely intriguing rubbish scavenge hunt for 3 hours where we found a lot of shells like those that rich people pay like $30 for. There were flamingos, cows, and mating sharks, the clear trinity of all animals. Ok, that’s it, but Nell, Sophie, Maren, and Katie wanted me to mention them so here it is- they’re baes.