Location: Leverick Bay

Oh ya, Maren’s turn. Today was the best day so far, so I’m glad I get to write about it. First off, we woke at 8… TWO HOURS LATER THAN USUAL! Not only that but we also shoved our faces with pancakes Elliot perfectly flipped to a golden crisp. After we achieved happy tummies, we hopped on the back of the dingy and got dragged across the Savannah Bay to look for turtles we could tag. This process was fun until some other and myself got stung by a jellyfish… YAAASS. We tagged the turtles very scientifically then I drove us all through the roaring sea to another spot to go snorkeling. Snorkeling was cool; there was a bunch of colorful fish and coral reefs. Once snorkeling ended the heavens opened up, and we filled our boat with freshwater. Freshwater = showers = happy Maren. Currently, we are all showered and fresh, and Myles is eating bread downstairs, two random dogs are on board, and we are dropping our anchor in the new location where we are going to dock for the BBQ. Peace out.