Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today the two programs, Preserving Paradise and Rebuilding Island Life, split up for the first half of the day to pursue our new, separate experiences. Rebuilding Island Life went off to rebuild island life including a swing set, picnic tables, and fences. Meanwhile, Preserving paradise joined together on Some Beanz to watch videos about recycling, trash in the ocean, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and Darth Vader (also known as Jeff Vader) struggle with lunch trays. We then continued onward and ventured to a small beach on the windward side of Virgin Gorda, venturing through an amazing white sand beach, see pictures. We productively collected trash, while Jackson built a trash stick that would later be used to give the holder unlimited power. Eventually, we returned to the boat for lunch where everyone ate soup, except for Myles, who decided to eat nine pieces of bread. We joined back together with Rebuilding Island Life and made our way to the Baths where everyone came back with scrapes and bruises. We all then dinghied to our final swimming lesson with the native kids where we said sad goodbyes, and Sophie was given the generous gift of a freshly knocked out tooth. At dinner tonight we discussed what we would miss most about The Valley, and concluded that we would miss most, the people, the places, the kids, and the beaches (in other words, everything).