Location: Marina Cay

My eleventh day exploring the BVIs began when I woke up at 7:00 AM, which for us is sleeping in! Erica and Pauline, the chefs for the day, began the task of preparing breakfast. The sweet mix drizzled into the pan, where the batter was flipped to golden, fluffy perfection so we could all gather around the table to enjoy delicious pancakes! After we were all stuffed with pancakes and fruit, we prepared to set sail. Everyone zipped up their flotation devices, and I nervously claimed to my spot at the helm as skipper of the day. Directing the boat is a pretty big responsibility, and I was petrified that under my leadership we would crash and burn. Around 10:00 AM our anchors were up, and we were off! At the start of the sail, Elliot, the real skipper of the boat, gave me instructions and tips on how to successfully navigate the blue waters. After a while, I began to grasp the hang of things, and from then on we were smooth sailing!

By the end, Elliot was so impressed and confident in my new found skipper skills, he was able to relax. When the end of the three-hour sail approached, I felt completely at ease leading our catamaran through the Caribbean. Our sail came to a close when we arrived at Mosquito Island and lowered our anchors at Honeymoon Beach. Before our descent onto the beach, we chowed down on Ramen noodles accompanied by a homemade peanut sauce and vegetables. After our meal, we joined the other Lifeworks boat, Grins, on the secluded beach. There, we spent our time splashing around in the water, relaxing in the sand, climbing the rocks, and having fun! Around 2:00 PM, we left our beautiful little beach to start our voyage to Marina Cay.

Again, I claimed my position at the helm and the trip began. Under my watch and sailing expertise accumulated in the hours prior, we made it to Marina Cay safe and sound. By the time we arrived, Marina Cay had been invaded by the monohulls and catamarans of the Lifeworks and ActionQuest programs. From our boat, I was able to see students on all of the other vessels singing, dancing, swimming, and having a blast! Once we anchored ,w e were able to eat our final meal of the day, tortellini with tomato sauce and garlic bread! It was scrumptious thanks to the hard work of Pauline and Erica, and after we were finished cleaning up dinner we had a small dance party on the boat! Our dancing stopped when we headed onto the island with every student on the program. We were led to a hill atop the island and sat under a hut-like building. There, Mike, the director, read off some announcements and then went on to talk about some very interesting topics. This was his introduction to a very interesting speech he played for us, delivered by a man named Jim Tooman. The speech got the gears in my mind going, as it did all of my peers, I am sure. The program left me with some pretty deep and fascinating ideas to think about and ponder as I fell asleep. All in all, it was another great day, spent with fantastic people, sharing good times, in the British Virgin Islands!