Location: Lee Bay, Great Camanoe

Today was the first day of a long journey at sea. After waking up early, we had a quick breakfast and soon headed out. We headed upwind to Great Camanoe, which was not an easy task. When we got into the open waters, we pulled up the sails and began zig-zagging eastward. The day couldn’t have been any more perfect, it was a very hot windy day, which kept our sails full, and our bodies covered in the spray of mist. We made a quick stop to go snorkeling, which left everyone cooled off, and full of stories of all the colorful and beautiful fish and coral. We also got to know our counselors a little better during lunch with jokes and stories of their past experiences of being a student at Lifeworks. The kids, still being a little quiet spoke up and ultimately it became a great bonding time that quickly brought everyone closer and more importantly helped build companionship in which everyone learned to trust one another. We finally reached our destination, and everyone sat down to learn the ropes of the boat which included learning how to tie knots, This was quickly followed by dinner that consisted of Sloppy Joe’s, mashed potatoes and salad. We ended the day by circling up with the sun setting over the calm waters of the BVI’s, where the skipper of the day (me) posed a question to the group, in the hopes to break the ice and get to know each other a little deeper than the regular questions of what’s your name and where are you from. The question was- ‘What makes you special or different?’, which left many to ponder, but everyone managed to come up with ever interesting answers that opened doors to different connections between the crew that might not have been made.