Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hey Moms and Dads, today we woke up at the early hour of 5:30 and had cereal for breakfast before heading out for our 15-minute walk through Spanish Town to get to Valley Day School; the school that we would spend two days renovating. We started by scraping off the old paint, sandpapering the walls and cleaning the ledges to prepare for the new coat of paint that we will apply Monday. Then we had to clear the trees from the backyard that had been accidentally cut down by the neighbors due to a miscommunication. Julie, who is one of the directors of the school, went from being sad at the beginning of the day to be happy and grateful when the job was finished. Julie and the neighbors ended up making peace with each other, and the neighbors were helping us clear the branches by the end. The guys had a subtle competition of who can carry the biggest log and Justin from Kes Kat won. Julie’s adorable daughter Dori played with some of the girls and picked her favorites. For lunch, most people went to a burger place called Bath and Turtle, but Allie and I went to the grocery store to find something vegetarian for ourselves. After running through the isles starving, we found cooked vegetables and fresh fruit; it was the best part of my day! Because I am the skipper of the day, I had to maneuver the boat between the channel markers as we left the dock. We were going to go to the Baths, but because of jellyfish incidents, we put that off for a few days. Beezie showed us some videos about sea pollution and how bottle caps get stuck in birds stomachs. Now we are at Savannah Bay and just finished a dinner of vegetarian chili with rice and cake cooked by our chef and sous chef Zach and Lily. Everyone is outside on the trampoline of the boat playing Mafia, and I’m going to join them now! Bye