Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day began with me waking everyone up and starting our voyage to Spanish Town. We jumped onto taxi cabs and headed to the Copper Mines where we then climbed on the rocks and captured the amazing experience with my Polaroid camera. After getting on top of the tallest rock in the Copper Mines, we went closer to the beach and picked up any trash we could lay our hands on. While picking up trash, we learned all seven types of plastic and which ones we can recycle. Around 12 we headed to a local golf course to cool down and eat lunch. By the way, the virgin Pina Coladas are the way to go. Piling back into the cabs we headed to the docks where we went back to our boat and got dressed for The Baths, which is a local rock formation that people swim around and walk in. We walked deep into The Baths where we proceeded to take multiple selfies and avoid jellyfish. After a long day of picking up trash and exploring rocks, we headed back to the boats where we rafted with the other Lifeworks boat. Making veggie burgers and talking with the people from the other boat was hands down my favorite part of the day. I type this as I hear everyone laughing, blaring music and it couldn’t be a better ending to a perfect day.