Location: Anegada

Greetings from Anegada family and friends! Life here on Rangitoto Too is going great! Today was quite an eventful day on the island. After an early 7:00 a.m. wake-up, cereal, and oatmeal were provided for breakfast. We have finally begun to establish a daily routine, as cleanup and sunscreen application has become habitual. When each shipmate’s stomach was finally full, we loaded up the dingy with coolers full of plenty of lunch food and snacks and hopped in alongside that with excited attitudes. For many, today was a unique experience. We taxied our way to the Old Anegada Anchorage for rodeo-style turtling. To say this event was once in a lifetime is more than an understatement. Four students at a time, we hopped in the boat with pro-rodeo-style turtler Richard, and we started on our hunt. Lucky enough to embark on the first boat out, myself and three others were sure to keep our eyes wide open and on alert for any turtle in sight. After an hour of circling the water, we finally spotted our first turtle. Unfortunately, we experienced some failed attempts until Adam reached success. With careful hands, we lifted the turtle into our boat and made the trek back to shore. At that point, the adrenaline was at an all-time high, and we instantly turned on research mode. Once ashore, we learned the ins and outs of turtle tagging. We spent much of our day taking turns on the hunt for turtles, bringing in a total of 6 by 4:00 p.m. As you can probably imagine, the dock was filled with smiling faces and feelings of accomplishment. Excited and still high off of our success, we filled the cab ride back with the music of our own, singing songs as loud as we could. From there, we had a little shore time to get in touch with all of you at home and experience the beauty of the island. The day concluded with chicken Caesar salad, sun-dried tomato risotto and a surprise appearance of french fries for dinner! We even munched out on some homemade chocolate chip cookies before we headed up to the top deck for the evening program. We miss you guys and are sending lots of sunshine your way!! 🙂