Location: Anegada

We awoke and rubbed our eyes around 7:00 AM, and showered ourselves in our usual lathering of sun cream. We gathered in the dingy in our rash guards with snorkels supplies for our active day ahead. Once we got ashore, we met the student group from the Youth Empowerment Project who we would be spending the day with. Our first stop was the Anegada Rock Iguana head-start facility where we met a herpetologist from the Fort Worth Zoo who explained that the Rock iguanas are critically endangered, and there were only 200 remaining in the wild before the facility began. Our job involved taking each of the iguanas’ water bowls and food dishes, filling them, and returning them. The Iguanas were interesting because all other iguana species in the Caribbean evolved from this species, talk about some modern-day dinosaurs. After that, we headed to the beach at Loblolly Bay where we spent the rest of the day snorkeling, tanning, playing American Football, and playing in the water with the kids. At around 4:00 PM we walked the kids to the ferry and said a bittersweet goodbye as they began their travel back to their home island of Tortola, luckily we will see them again on Monday. Shortly after arriving back on the Rangitoto Too we gobbled up Summertime Thanksgiving dinner, it was delicious, and now we are chilling out before we head to bed. YEP it was a great day for the Lifeworks crew as I’m sure tomorrow will be as well.

  P.S. Shout out to Jen and JJ   P.S.S Shout out to Liz, Scotty V, and Matt