Location: Great Barrier Reef

We had an early morning being woken up at 5:30 because we had to board the dive boat. No one complained because first, it was too early and second everyone was really excited to dive finally. After going to the Dive Pro shop to get the paperwork done, we were finally on our way to board the dive boat that we would live in for three days. When we boarded the boat, there were 22 other passengers who were as eager as us to dive. The first dive we did was at 11 am, and everyone was scared that the water was going to be too cold. When we finally jumped into the water in our wetsuits and gear, we descended and started to enjoy diving in the Great Barrier Reef. In the dive, we saw a massive white stingray, a cool titan triggerfish, and many other types of marine life. When we got out we all agreed that the dive was one of the best experiences we had ever had, it was a really good opportunity to still see the coral because at the beginning of the trip we learned that in the next few decades years most of the coral in the ocean would likely die to coral bleaching. We had lunch, and after a small break, some of us did two more dives before having dinner. In the afternoon dives, they saw two white tip reef sharks and a sea turtle. After dinner, we finally dove at night. It was the first experience for many people the only people that had already dived at night were Celsius, Charlotte, and me. Most of the people were scared, but when they finally got in the water, we all experienced a whole different world underwater. We saw two gray tip reef shark and another sea turtle. After that dive, everyone was pretty exhausted, so we fell asleep. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef is a whole different experience than diving in the BVI’s.