Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

The morning started for some of us at 05:30 and for others at 06:30. It was Anna’s birthday, so we had banana bread (with “Happy Bday Anna! spelled out in sliced bananas on top) and oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast, we headed to the dock at Leverick Bay to fill up water tanks and sort the recycling bags. We tried to recycle in Gun Creek, but we could not find the recycling bins, and they ended up back in the dinghy. Next, we motored over to Spanish Town for project day 2 at the Eco Club’s greenhouse. When we got to the greenhouse, some started putting up a pallet fence around the backside, and some people secured the posts that we put up yesterday. Rainey and I secured them with a mix of cement, dirt, water, and rocks. Today everyone was very determined to get stuff done, so when lunchtime came around, many people were almost forced to stop what they were doing and eat something. Then some of the group started painting, while others cut crossbeams and stabilized the structure. At the end of a long workday, we cleaned up fast for some cold drinks and ran to the ice cream shop before going back to the boat. We motored to Mountain Point, where we took some very fast saltwater showers before a dinner of chicken caesar salad and risotto. After dinner, we squeezed and got ready for bed — because we have an early morning for a dawn sail!