Location: Anegada

This morning we woke up at 4 am to sail to Anegada from Mountain Point at dawn. We sweated (pulled up) the secondary anchor, raised the sails, and set off on our journey. During the sail, about half of us went to bed in the Blue Lagoon while the rest of us sailed in the dark. The sun finally started appearing, and we all sat on the high side of the boat while watching the sunrise. A couple of us got drenched while others (AKA the staff) were sitting comfortably on the helm. After the sun had risen, those of us that were still awake got the chance to helm as we continued our sail to Anegada. Breakfast was exciting, and we served bagels with NUTELLA. But, the most exciting part of both the breakfast and the day was Hope’s 16th birthday. Before we headed to shore on Anegada, we got all of our laundry bags ready and loaded in Shadow. After we got our laundry and equipment taken care of, EMpanada and DARAngatang briefed us on our task for today. Our project included picking up rocks at a local farm before and after lunch so that the soil could be used for planting. Then we untangled about 4 huge knots in a recycled fishing net to create an area for passion fruit trees to grow. Each knot took about 5 to 10 minutes to untie, and we were all relieved when the net was finally stretched across five high beams. As we were waiting for the taxi to arrive to drive us back to the dingy, Leona’s daughter handed out both fruit and candy — which ended up as many’s favorite parts of the day since she was so adorable and polite. The moment we got back to Dallas Blonde, everybody put on swimsuits and jumped in the water. We were all pretty much covered in dirt after our long workday at the farm, so a swim did not hurt. We ended up being in the water for a while, and we managed to get some water polo, ab, and arm exercises done within that time. After we all got cleaned and dressed, the chefs started preparing our delicious Mexican night dinner. They also made a secret cake and edible confetti cookie dough for Hope’s surprise party, which ended up being a huge success. We then proceeded to have our daily squeeze where I asked everyone if they like to receive or give hugs and to rank how huggy they are from 1 to 10. To finish off this amazing day, we all gathered in the salon to watch and sing along to Moana, while Rainey managed to convince everyone (including the boys and the staff) to get at least one piece of tinsel in their hair. Today was one of the most action-packed and interesting days on Dallas Blonde so far.

Xoxo # to!