Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This morning we had french toast for breakfast made by Anna S. and Chris, and I must say it was the best breakfast we’ve had yet. We quickly got dressed and hopped on the dingy to get to the beach because we had a beach cleanup planned. As we stepped out of the dingy into ankle-deep water, Lily took a graceful fall into the water, leaving her drenched. We made our way to the opposite side of the island and began to clean up any garbage we found on the beach. After cleaning up any plastic we could find, we discovered a massive pile of ropes matted and tied together. Shaila found a sharp piece of coral and gave it to Elle in an attempt to “saw” down the rope in order to break down the pile and dispose of it. Liam and Elle were hard at work and celebrated after successfully cutting pieces of rope. We made our way back to the other side of the island to get back to the boat. Griffin was very helpful with carrying the bags of trash back to the boat, as he stayed back and helped Riley with the bags that were ripped and falling apart. Once we all got back to the boat, we waited in anticipation to get our phones for the first time since we’d been here. Everyone made calls and checked in with family for an hour while we sailed to Leverick Bay. As we finally got to the bay, we took ocean showers and prepared to use the Hibiclens for the first time. We turned our phones back in and got all ready to go on shore for lunch and shopping. We were all extremely excited, and we all sat down to eat together. After being influenced by Morgan, Griffin, Shaila, and Chris to try Hawaiian pizza, Elle tried it for the first time. However, it was not up to her New York pizza standards. We split up after lunch as Surya, Morgan, and Anna S. went to a cute beach boutique to get bracelets, and the rest got snacks at the local grocery store. We returned to the boat for an hour while staff set up the Beach Barbecue for all of Action Quest. Anna B. happily got her apples because she was struggling after we ran out. Our boat was slightly nervous about the party because we didn’t know any of the other kids on the other boats. We stuck together and realized how much closer our boat is to each other than any other boat. As Avah socialized and made friends with other girls around, Hannah took an unfortunate fall as she missed a step going down the stairs. We were all cracking up as she brushed the sand off of her. Once we were informed of some drama from the other boats, we decided to cut the night short and head back to the boat. As I’m writing this, we are all in the salon talking and laughing.

I miss you guys, especially Noni!