Location: Anegada

This morning, much to everyone’s surprise, we woke up at a much more reasonable time than the past few days. With nowhere to be late, too, we took our time with breakfast, prepared by Avah and Shaila. As we got cleaned up and got ready to make the three-hour-long voyage to Anegada, our first mate Riley announced that we would be sailing for the first time the entire trip. Liam decided to get on the helm for the sail over. While we headed out of Leverick Bay, Chris and Elle both got comfy with their books at the front of the boat. It didn’t take long for waves to start splashing over the bow, drenching both of their books. After mooring in Anegada, we all hopped in the water for a quick swim, where Anne and Liam got jacked together by doing pull-ups off the back of the boat. Once everyone had dried off, and Anna S. and Lily had finished sun tanning, we gathered inside the salon of the boat and sat down for an inspiring documentary. Despite the intrigue that the documentary presented, it didn’t take long for Morgan and Lily to fall asleep. Much to their surprise, with the help of the first mate Riley, we all clapped, simultaneously waking them up. With less than 45 minutes left, technical difficulties were encountered, making the documentary unwatchable. Instead, we had a Lifeworks forum about the Ripple Effect. After taking a couple of very long naps, I joined Surya, Chris, and Morgan to watch a turtle that kept surfacing right near our boat. As I write this, full from the amazing taco dinner and cookie dessert that came after, I am being forced to move from my comfortable spot in the salon in order to allow Anna B. To clean. After a rest-filled recovery day, we are currently cleaning up and preparing to go to sleep.

I am sending lots of love to you, mom, and dad, and I miss you tons and tons, Abby!