Location: Marina Cay

This morning I was delighted to come upstairs to be presented with pancakes made by Charlotte and G-ball. It was made even more special with the new-found knowledge of our boat having Nutella. After the delicious breakfast and the dishie squad cleaned, we set off on our journey to Beef Island. It was a beautiful day to take a sail, and we arrived at around 12:30. We were served white bean Tuscan soup made by the splendid chefs, Nitty and Kate. After our amazing lunch, we got dressed in work clothes to go to ‘Good Moon Farm,’ a local farm. The farm was located on the top of a large mountain. The work was hard, but the view made up for it. We also were rewarded with fresh mangoes straight off the tree. When we returned to the boat, we were excited to hear we could take freshwater showers. After our showers, we felt rejuvenated and excited to devour colorful tortellini and crispy garlic bread. After dinner, we had an evening activity that was very inspirational and fun. We finished the day with gooey brownies, and it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

Shoutout to my amazing family. I love and miss you all so much!!