Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning, I woke up and was excited to find out that the chefs were making a great French toast breakfast. Elliot, Charlotte, and Griffin left for a staff meeting, leaving us alone for breakfast. We ate our food, cleaned up, and hung out in the salon for a while; then the staff came back. We were given our phones for about 20 minutes to call home because the speech we heard the last night inspired us to talk to our families. Then, we had a quick drive to the beautiful bay where we anchored and prepared for “mandatory fun day” which Elliot explained as the day where our only task is to have as much fun as possible. The day began with all of us going on the dinghies to look at birds around the corner, and this activity was made more fun by the fact that all the dinghies raced back to the bay and we sped around the bay for a little while before returning to the boats. The rest of the day included people doing some combination of sailing, swimming, jumping off the boat, doing flips, snorkeling, doing water sports, and relaxing on the boat. First, Lala, Kat, Kate, and I went out on the little sailboats. Kate and I had some trouble, and we capsized, but we still had a lot of fun and eventually got the hang of it. Then we hung out at the boat for a while, spending some time playing in the water and some time relaxing in the sun. I learned that doing backflips off of the boat is not allowed, so we ended up doing lots of flips off the dinghy. We had quesadillas cooked by G-ball for lunch, then got back to the fun. Later on, I went wakeboarding with some girls from other boats, then came back to hang out on the boat more. After laying on top of the boat for a while, the other boats, Anamcara and Ewak departed. We then showered and cleaned up the boat for dinner. Then, we had chili for dinner and hung out for a little while before going to sleep.