Location: Marina Cay


I woke up this morning to Edie and Samira looking very uncomfortable, sleeping on a tiny side table and chairs, and Aditya… on the galley (kitchen) floor. I then was told it rained one too many times on those poor outside sleepers. Meanwhile, I was oblivious in the comfort of the Blue Lagoon with Talula and Manola. We ate cereal and oatmeal again for breakfast and immediately got on the dinghy to a farm on Tortola. I didn’t really know what to expect when Riley told us this would be the most challenging service project yet…

We got into a six-row taxi that was still not big enough to fit our staff, so they were squeezed between the floor and the doors. Even though our taxi driver has driven this route hundreds of times on the ride up, I was terrified of the tiny twisty turns- while driving on the left side of the road- but the views were amazing! I just wish I had my camera.

At the farm, Aragorn told us all about regenerative farming and how harmful the current state of our agriculture system is. Farming practices like GMOs and tilling do more harm than good. He then showed us better techniques that I think more farms should implement. However, right now, our farms are largely automated, and that’s where the regenerative techniques come in. If you set up a soil system that replenishes itself, you hit two birds with one stone. His method consisted of worms, Micillium, and sargassum(A current seaweed issue). Then we were assigned jobs, and I was put in the weeding group with Manola, Talula, Mimi, and Lindsey.

Next, we ate a much-needed lunch where almost everyone got pizza, to the point where they didn’t have enough dough, and I had to get pasta instead. Then we shopped at the store that Aragorn and his wife run.

We got back on the boat and went to a port to fill up on water, and that’s when the poo appeared.

Someone clogged the toilet and did not tell a staff member… This resulted in a massive flood of poo. Lindsey, Davis, and Krisz put on Riley’s gaiters (he was off the boat for office work) and took apart the toilet. All was good after some horribleeee stenches and lots of complaints from fellow shippies. Manola was having a rough day.

Excited for water sports tomorrow!!!!!!!!