Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Checking the activity board when we all first woke up came with great surprise and excitement to see all the kids got to take control of the boat as the staff went off to a meeting for a few hours! The smell of pancakes and fruit-filled the air as we all sang and danced to music around the boat. We then sat down, and all ate as a group, devouring the food. It was SO GOOD! Thanks, Reece and Rafa:) We then discovered what the activity for the day was. FUN DAY! Everyone was so excited for this day to come, and now it was finally here. We finished up breakfast and cleaning before the staff got back and all got dressed. Everyone wore a bathing suit and a sun shirt ( no sunburns here!) We split into 2 different groups, having the option of either kneeboarding or wakeboarding. Most people chose to do kneeboarding since it required a lot less experience and were much easier to stay up. This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip. Watching each person with a helmet and life jacket glide across the water, uncontrollably laughing, put a smile on everyone’s face. We also were able to check out these really cool caves that had such a unique formation. As one group was doing the water activities, there was also a small sailboat called a “ Zest” that everyone took turns in having fun. Definitely no capsizing! Actually, maybe a few times… but that’s beside the point! In between all the fun, we managed to fit a few delicious grilled cheeses in, which gave us the energy to keep going throughout the day. The chefs of the day definitely impressed everyone. My personal favorite part of the day was watching one of the staff Dara, kneeboard. Her smile was unmatchable. We then all came back together for the best part of every day. Shower time!! Blasting music with soap in our hair and dancing all together definitely left other boats with envy. I can’t blame them. We have so much fun! After everyone was clean and hungry (yet again), we all sat down and ate pasta with Beef and salad. Yet Delisious. After a long day, everyone was so exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep. We had a quick squeeze session, and all got into bed to get ready for the following day.

That’s all for today 🙂

Sending all the love to my family. Miss you guys! ( especially Biggie🐶)