Location: Marina Cay

Today started early with a 6:30 wake-up. After a quick breakfast of cereal, we loaded the dinghy to work at a farm run by Aragorn, whose art studio we visited yesterday. Once in Trellis, we boarded an open-air taxi. To get to the farm, we took a series of winding mountain roads, and everyone enjoyed the spectacular scenery along the way. 20 minutes later, we arrived at Good Moon farm, which practices sustainable and organic practices to bring traditional farming back to communities in the BVI. Aragorn greeted us warmly with an interesting history of farming in the BVI. Shortly after, we separated into four groups to begin work. One group was in charge of peeling garlic to ferment in honey and be sold in Aragorn’s store. Another group sifted through compost and de-salinated sargasm (seaweed that washes ashore on the BVI) to make soil needed for the farm. Finally, the last two groups weeded around various parts of the farm. All of the groups rotated through jobs and made for a fulfilling yet tiring morning. I believe that everyone would agree that we had a fantastic time learning and helping out at Good Moon. The taxi took us back to the docks, and once we reached Dallas Blonde, we were surprised with unpleasant news. Dara, Em, and Boxy requested that we clean every inch of the boat. While this was a grueling task, everyone was happy with the end results. Tonight we anchored amongst the rest of the fleet and sang a sea shanty written by Rafa and Jake whilst the pirate flag was hoisted. The rest of the night was spent relaxing and eating chili, waiting in anticipation of the “fun day” tomorrow. Sending endless love to everyone at home