Location: Bluff Bay, Beef Island

Good morning!! We started off this beautiful day by waking up at 7. I felt almost fully rejuvenated after finally sleeping in the cabin with my gals—shoutout to Celeste, who made some AWESOME cinnamon muffins for breakfast. After breakfast and waking up in Spanish Town, we headed over with a quick sail to Beef Island. Once we got there, we had a shorter discussion where I learned many new interesting things about mangroves. After putting on lots of sunscreen (you’re welcome, dad), we dinghied over to a mangrove sanctuary. This was a difficult trip considering it got as shallow as 10 inches in some areas. We then recorded data for a local university which included measuring, taking pictures, and recording the locations of young mangroves. A quick break included shark watching with Boxy (sadly, they were sleeping?), but a snail sat on my toe for a bit. We then motored back home and were pleasantly surprised by a quick jump in the refreshing and completely clear water. After shoving ramen in our hungry faces, we happily motored to Trellis, where I had the most fun ever. After absolutely demolishing some Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and chocolate Reese’s, we bought these spectacular colorful and oversized shirts made by a local artist that we are working with tomorrow. The vibes were amazing as we danced on the beach, tumbling around, laughing, and feeling pure happiness—shoutout to my dance partner Reese. I heard the news that there were fresh mangos down the street and bolted, purchasing five and some ribs. We came back for a quick and refreshing shower time and deconstructed sloppy joes. Mischief and Mayhem partook in a messy eating competition. Finally, we settled down for an evening program about leadership styles. I am seriously looking forward to waterskiing and wakeboarding and have enjoyed making connections with new people, as well as being surrounded by crystal clear blue water. Everyone truly seems settled in and at home, and I am pleasantly surprised by how easily we all get along. Sending so much love to the fam!!!

P.S. Our nightly discussion led to the biggest argument regarding whether or not someone’s superpower of choice was superior or not. So, readers… Do you think that having super speed (and all powers associated) or shapeshifting into anything (like any superpower) is better? Or more valid?