Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Like every day before this one, we woke up bright and early to the sun straight in our faces. Rather than staying anchored, we moved over to a marina for the beginning of a very long, dirty day. Immediately off the dingy in Spanish Town, we respected the town’s people by greeting all the friendly faces. As we were led over to the school we would volunteer in; we walked passed the friendly towns children and colorful homes. Once we arrived at Valley Day Primary School, the islands private school, it was shocking to process that it was the size of a small house considering it fit all grades through middle and high school. Regardless of the size, it was cheerful, and you could feel the good energy right when you walked in. The entire morning we split into groups and either helped around the yard by pulling weeds and raking or on a float the school children were making out of recycled materials. After a solid 4 hours of work, a school student’s mother was kind enough to make us, a large number of people, a traditional island lunch.

After one of the best meals I’ve ever had, it was straight back to work. Rather than staying at the school, me and three other volunteers were driven over to a junkyard full of recycling materials, which we would dig deep in to for the specific soda cans that were needed for the float. Although it was dirty, smelly work, I never had so much fun and can say I had a good time rummaging through trash. Once the work was over, we came back to the boat and took our first indoor showers with fresh water. It was nice to get the trash smell off myself and am excited to sleep early, at least more than I have ever been