Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today started off with a great surprise, being able to sleep in. Though we did have to wake up at 7:30, those extra minutes of sleep really make the day that much better. At around 8 am after everyone had put their pillows back in the cabins and got ready for the day, Charlie and Zoe (as usual) started to make breakfast: french toast. The counselors left us at our wake up time for a staff meeting, and we got the morning to jam to music and eat.

After an hour and a half of listening to Hailey’s banging music playlist, everyone was ready for the day of “mandatory fun.” The best day – in case you didn’t already know. Because Anamacara had a few issues with the bathrooms, we had to wait for the two other boats to raft up so we could dinghy on over. Immediately when we got there, Eliot gave a speech about the mandatory fun day, and per usual, the excitement built up. The mandatory fun day is a day where you have the choice to water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and so on. I’m guessing by now you can imagine the excitement in the 40 teenagers surrounding Eliot. Before we could start though, everyone had to dinghy over to a point on the island where birds surrounded the cliffs, and the waves were huge. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Seeing it was only part of the fun though! If you know Eliot, you know he knows how to drive a dingy. I, of course, got on with him and a group of girls + Felipe, and we raced over. If you want a good dinghy ride, you can count on Eliot.

After we returned to the boats, the back of one of the boats was opened, and along with a large group of girls, I took turns jumping into the crystal clear blue water. You would be surprised how long one could spend jumping into the water. About two hours after that began, Ava, Peyton, Lydia and I went with Eliot to go kneeboarding and water skiing. I have to say the expression of someone finally getting up on the ski’s is one of the biggest smiles I have seen. On the other hand, seeing them wipe out thirty seconds later, is one of the funniest moments one could witness.

Once we had lunch and everyone’s stomachs were content, a group of us went snorkeling, and that is when I realized that I’m not so sure being in a swarm of fish with no exit out of it, is really my thing (lol).

The day then quickly came to an end. After a day of so much fun, everyone was ready to shower and eat some dinner and have our nightly dose of the squeeze. (The best part of the day of course) That leaves us to where we are now, jamming to more music and making dessert. (BZ agreed to let us make brownies) Our Dallas Blonde friends are leaving in two days so when we are done; we have to say goodbye:( Pigeon is sad to say bye to Emilio and Ava is sad to say bye to her best friends:( Though it is sad, today is a day to remember forever.

As always, Live like Brum Brum