Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Reporting live from Two Ghosts in the BVI, this is Hannah Yates, and today I’ll be filling you in on the events of day 14 on GoBeyond! This morning started with the arrival of a banner stating the iconic phrase of Gerntag Forever, hence the title of this blog. We kicked off our mooring early with a crazy downwind sail to Jost Van Dyke, which was briefly interrupted by light showers, courtesy of the slightly bipolar yet wonderful tropical weather. After the storm, the morning was clear and bright as we pulled into Great Harbor. Due to some brief setbacks, we were allowed to spend time in port, and stocked up on snacks and enjoyed the beautiful scenery from the deck of Foxy’s. After our shore time, we launched into our next project, prepping and painting the inside of a schoolhouse that was damaged in the hurricane last September. It was amazing to see how fast the islands have bounced back and it was comforting to see that some of the places we visited last year remain. We spent the remainder of the day working with paste and making sure the walls are ready to paint upon our return tomorrow. Later, we enjoyed freshwater showers (for the second day in a row!), which are always enjoyable after a long workday. We made our way over to the always beautiful Cane Garden Bay to moor for the night and refueled. We also ran into Ocean Star and were allowed to take a VIP tour of the cabin, which is always fun. It is crazy to believe we only have six days left in this gorgeous paradise; it seems as though the days are just slipping by!