Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today we woke up early to continue yesterday’s project on Jost Van Dyke. As a special treat, our chefs of the day (Athina and Hannah) made us some delicious m&m pancakes to give us the energy we needed to power through and finish our plastering. We motored over to the island and resumed the work we had left there. Unfortunately, we were not expecting the amount of work awaiting us at the school. Some of the wall joints that we had covered hadn’t been completely flattened out and dried uneven – as a result; we had to re plaster-and-smooth all over them. It seemed as though we would not be able to complete all of the tasks at hand before lunchtime, but fortunately, pushed by our hope for shore time, we scrambled to reach a “good place” (Elliot) and took a long lunch break. For the first time in a while (at least a week), we were able to taste the sweet luxury of shore food! Most of the GoBeyonders headed over to Foxy’s, THE restaurant to eat at, but Nathalie and I decided to sample some delicious BVI-style empanadas instead (which were hands down the best things I have ever tasted). Once our break time drew to a close, we began painting the largest room on the second floor of the school. Although it was hard work, seeing the final product was incredibly satisfying. Later in the afternoon, we headed back to Two Ghosts to motor over to our third bbq of the session at Sidney’s Peace and Love restaurant/store (?) to enjoy some delicious food and quality music/dancing. The best part of my night was chatting with all my shipmates (especially the ones I hadn’t gotten the chance to know that well) and being convinced into dancing with one of the little girls we met at the school. She was so excited to be dancing and grinned through all of the songs the DJ was playing and her energy carried me through the final hours of the dance.

I can’t believe there are only a couple of days left of this trip! I’m excited to see what the next week holds in store, and I can’t wait to take it all in!