Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

The tired and sunburnt crew of Two Ghosts started their day with a breakfast of eggs. The crew had a long day of turtle tagging ahead of them. Our amazing skipper of the day, Charlotte, drove us safely with her feet to our first stop. On the way, she tried to hit a couple of seagulls since “our world would be a way better place without them,” according to Charlotte. With our friends from Shazam, we started our quest to find turtles at Muskmelon Bay. If the crew were tagging jellyfish rather than turtles, it would have been a very successful hunt. All morning, we searched and searched for turtles but came up empty-handed. We left shortly after enjoying a healthy meal of Ramen Noodles. Our next stop was at the other end of Guana Island, where we also had very little success. All afternoon, we searched and searched for turtles, but our hunt was all in vain. We saw a few but were unable to catch them. Luckily, there were less jellyfish, so the two crews were fine. The two crews also got to find a good rock to jump off of into the water below. With her feet and hatred of seagulls, Charlotte drove us to Sommer’s Beach on the island of Tortola. We met up on the beach to have a cookout with all the Go Beyond boats and Action Quest boats. Our crew ended the day by taking fresh water showers. Although we lost Dylan, a beloved member of Two Ghosts, and losing the party monster, Kyle, tomorrow, we continue to work hard and have fun together.