Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Throughout the day, we got to experience the tranquility that the idyllic British Virgin Islands had to offer. As we initially woke up, the tiredness was palpable. As the staff members’ congregated on the inland of Marina Key, we indulged ourselves in a sumptuous breakfast, consisting of pancakes, cereal, as well as Gatorade powdered water. Breakfast was concluded when Dylan departed for New York. Being bereave of a fellow shipmate affected the groups’ overall coherency and continuity. Regardless, GoBeyond continued to heed to the day’s initial plan – play day. Shortly after breakfast, we departed Marina Key, heading for Muskmelon Bay. We navigated through the secluded islands of the BVI, acknowledging its beauty and the serenity. As we arrived, we rafted with Shazam. The sunny weather and limpid blue water were conducive of smiles, laughter, and fun. Sailing, water sports, swimming, snorkeling, among other activities, were arranged. The GoBeyond students predominately spent their time swimming in the water, or further developing their relationship with the other shipmates. Among the many pervading feelings, camaraderie was the most prominent. As we engaged in the various activities, the staff members and student chefs began to cook quesadillas. The students continued to converse and commingle with each other until we started preparing for dinner. The boats separated, and the eventful day became more relaxed. After a shower in the salt water, few individuals cooked chili and rice, and the remaining shipmates had an opportunity to sleep, play on the boat, or further bolster their relationships with their fellow shipmates. After a filling meal of chili and beans, we indulged ourselves in the recently cooked brownies and then began a documentary. Overall, we overcame the tiredness, and we enjoyed all aspects of this eventful day.