Location: British Virgin Islands

Today we started early by sailing to Spanish Town from Savannah Bay and working at the Valley Day School. We focused on building new structures and revamping older ones. We made an outdoor worktable out of all recycled materials, cleaned up the entire fence line, re-build the raised garden beds and built a large composting area out of salvaged pallets. Some of the school’s students came by and helped out with the projects, even though it was their summer vacation. ┬áIt was so good to see their excitement about all the projects – it was contagious! It was a very long, hot day, but I am glad we all stuck through it. We accomplished a lot today, and I am eager to see the progress we make in our remaining two weeks.

It was great to see the people on the island and get to know them. I had a really good time today. When we finished at the school, we came back to the boat and sailed off to Savannah Bay. We arrived and attached ourselves to Snow Cat, which was awesome! We got to jump into the water as a whole Lifeworks group, which was very refreshing after a hard day’s work. We spent the evening together and were able to begin our squeeze circle, but it was cut short due to rain. Overall, today was amazing. We have learned so much about life in the islands and enjoyed lending a helping hand where needed.