Location: Beijing, China

Hello, Parents of Students,

I was the chef today and rose early to set breakfast at 7:00. Everyone was tired from the having had slept on the night train the night before so usual early risers slept in a little. Even though, everyone was still ready at the designated time. Sunday Mass resulted in me tagging along to the baby home as well. However, I was not alone in leaving after an hour and a half. All of the students returned the apartment to continue our service by taking care of the group home children. I personally played Go Fish with two of the students but the main tasks were coloring in and playing outside. After I finished a couple of games, I then proceeded to cook hot dogs for lunch with the help of an instructor. After lunch, we repeated our previous cycle by going to the baby home and then returning to the apartment to play with the group home kids. After our service was complete, we went to WuMart where we shopped lightly. We also had a quick snack at McDonald’s and returned to the apartment to dinner. After a respectable dinner, we talked and played games and went to bed a moderate time in preparation for a big day tomorrow. We chose to have a moderate bedtime as our favorite place, as always, is outside our comfort zone.