Location: Galapagos

Today we started our morning at 7:30, a night of sleep in for us. We had breakfast then headed out to Floreana Island to go snorkeling. To get to the beach we hiked 30 minutes and then climbed over some rocks, it was all worth it when we got to swim with the sea lions. Once we got to the beach we were so hot and tired we all dove right into the water. We saw many sea lions, turtles and fascinating fish. Having sea lions come right up to us was truly an amazing experience. After lunch, we headed back to shore to go hiking again. We made our way to a freshwater spring while seeing many tortoises and magnificent views along the way. After the hike, we had a little free time on shore before going back to the boat. Some of us went to the beach, some went running, and a few of us went to a park. At first in the park, the kids were hesitant to come up to us, but after a bit, we all made friends with the kids. Even though there was a language barrier, we can say that we will miss them and always remember them. After our free time, we headed back to the boat for dinner, showers, and sleep. After dinner, the crew brought out a cake for Jennie’s birthday, and we all sang her happy birthday. We all agreed that the Galapagos is a pretty amazing place to be celebrating your birthday! We are all headed to sleep excited for tomorrow’s adventures.