Location: Solheimar Ecovillage

At 8:15 a.m. this morning, Kimmi and Robbie woke us up, and our day began. We all had a long night’s rest in preparation for the full day of service ahead of us. Today, we would be working in the greenhouses stationed on the property of the eco-village. We got dressed with layers and thick socks and headed to breakfast. Our short walk through the small cabins led us to the communal cafe, where we enjoyed fruit, toast, granola, and juice. After this, we headed over to the greenhouses. With many tasks to be completed, we split into groups. We began harvesting tomatoes, collecting two types: cherry and heirloom. Many were taught how to properly package the produce into containers. In addition to this, the greenhouse had also recently harvested golden potatoes. In order for the beds to be used for future cultivation, soil had to be distributed and mixed. Others sanded and painted wood stakes to be used to mark off pieces of the property.

After a morning’s worth of work, we left the greenhouse to break for lunch. We walked back to the cabin and made wraps to fuel us up for the remainder of the day. Once we returned to the greenhouse, we continued our assigned tasks, listening to music as we went. The afternoon went by quickly, and we soon headed back to the cabin. Feeling tired and ready to take showers, we spent the next couple of hours reading, playing cards, and making bracelets. Dinner was later prepared by Zora, Ciara, and Emily. We sat around the table as chicken, potatoes, and vegetables were passed around. After the dishes had been completed, we congregated around the TV, and each ate a slice of chocolate lava cake. The packaging read “Christmas cake” in Icelandic, so we have assumed this means the Icelanders must eat this cake during Christmas time.