Location: Kuranda Rainforest

Sup readers it’s time for the newest edition of Rextreme blogs. Today was the day we gave back. I woke up at my usual 5 am and took some time to enjoy peace and serenity in the beautiful rainforest of Kuranda. Owen amazingly finished ANOTHER book. When the boys were finally up, we were eating cereal and waiting for the lovely ladies to arrive. After breakfast, we headed off to the field site and nursery for Envirocare, the organization we are working with here in Kuranda for the next few days. Once we arrived, we had a half hour convo about our surroundings and the work Envirocare does to help with the reforestation of the land that was cleared here in Kuranda. We were then put to work doing surprisingly satisfying manual labor, which involved removing mounds of moss from potted plants, a process that would save the saplings and help them be able to keep growing. Other tasks were digging dirt, breaking berries to get the seeds to be planted later on, and washing pots. We also went for a walk down to the nearby forest that was planted just nine years ago in what used to be an old field (a really long time ago it was a forest). It was pretty impressive to see how quickly the forest has been able to grow back after they have planted seedlings. After we were done at the site, we came back to the cabins and ate some tasty tacos courtesy of Harry and Celsius (Kyler). Then I was given this laptop to write my blog… gotta go, time to go frogging (surveying the endangered Kuranda tree frogs down by the Baron River). Till next time readers.