Location: Kuranda Rainforest

This morning started at 8:00 with a loud banging on our cabin door. Unsurprisingly it was Samara telling us to get out of bed and make breakfast, but being the 16-year old, I am I didn’t end up getting out of bed until 8:20. Following my Nutella toast breakfast was a quick ride to the nature nursery where we worked the previous day. Fast forward an hour; we ended up at a site by a river, where we would be picking invasive weeds, then planting new plants in the holes we dug. It was quite a job. Carolyn helped motivate all of us with her energetic vibe and blasting dance music and reggaeton through her speaker! That helped considering we got the task done by lunch. After lunch, Owen and I picked seeds from ridiculously small fruits at the nursery. We ended up getting completely sidetracked and making water balloons out of the latex gloves we had on. Seeing that the whole group ended up getting sidetracked at their jobs, Carolyn lead us to a small yoga class, which helped calm everyone’s energy. After our break we planted to seeds that we had been picking from the fruits, and also helped replant cuttings from some of the trees in the nursery. The volunteer day with Envirocare was followed by Owen and I making an amazing Fourth of July dinner, consisting of hamburgers, sausages, mac and cheese, and veggies! It was a golden way to end the best day.