Location: Little Lambert Bay, Tortola

The day began with a comfortable wake up time at 8:00 am. Many of us woke up before our call time and took in a little morning sun up on the coach deck. Once we heard Griffin’s Christmas music, we knew it was time to get the day going. The chefs delighted us to some cereal and oatmeal for breakfast while Elliot briefed us on the tight schedule ahead. Today was the day we got to be the “adults” onboard. As everyone got ready for the day in their appropriate attire, I assisted Chuck (a.k.a Charlotte) in motoring to Trellis Bay where we’re going to pair up with a buddy. Once we arrived, we patiently anticipated the arrival of our buddies and were all told to “flip the switch” to “adult” mode. As the kids came, we hesitantly and then all at once began greeting the kids in search of our soon to be friend. Luckily, I got paired up with Elford, the most adorable and hilarious 7th grader I’ve ever met. He got a chance to join me in being the skipper for the day. As expected, he had a knack for driving the boat; his instincts were spot on. We arrived at Cam Bay shortly after picking up our buddies to collect all the trash on the beach. While we were picking up Microplastics, Elford told me about his dreams, aspirations, and secrets. As we traded facts about each other, I got a chance to meet his friends. The vibe was fantastic and radiated throughout the beach and later onto the boat.

Everyone was ecstatic about jumping into the water. After some swimming, we parted ways with our friend and were allowed some shore-time. We were given our phones and 2 hours to eat, look around, and buy souvenirs. When we returned, we had a little down until we had to get ready for the BBQ tonight. Chuck and I motored to Lambert Bay and laughed about memes with Elbo, Dare Bear, and Griff Dog. We rode Shadow to the Lambert Bay, ate, and socialized there for almost 2 hours. My favorite day was completed with a movie night, where all 16 of us piled up in the salon to watch Baby Driver.