Location: Marina Cay

We sailed to Honey Moon Beach from Anegada (a three hour and two-minute sail to be exact) and spent a few hours playing games like Chicken and Human Stack (you try to get three people to stand on top of each other, it’s really hard to do). We also spent a lot of time jumping off a rock into the deep water surrounding it. After playing games and swimming for a few hours, we went back onto our ships (Catalinaville and Moko Jumbie) and went on a short sail to Marina Cay and went to a teeny weeny store to buy souvenirs and snacks. Later we moved out further out on the water to anchor so we could eat a yummy dinner of tortellini and garlic bread. At 7 o’clock we all went to a small island to listen to an audio clip of Jim Tuman at an assembly in 1985.