Location: Anegada

It’s day ten here on Catalinaville, and what an amazing ten days it has been! As we look around the cockpit, we see 13 shipmates that have grown so close they look like they’ve known each other all their lives. It is amazing to see the excitement they get from the service projects we have been doing the last week and a half. If there is a job that needs to be done Noah is always there excited to help out in any way possible. Tristan lights up the group with his hilarious jokes and loves to help others if they are in need. Everyone he meets he treats like a friend, and his willingness to learn new skills is incredible. Nora always brings a positive attitude to every situation and is fast to make friends. She is adored by everyone on the boat. Abby is the Queen of Anchoring. She is a quick learner and is now the leader every time we drop or raise the anchor, which is often several times a day! Weston can bring the group to tears from laughing so hard at his witty humor and funny antics. He loves the service projects, and he is often surrounded by people who enjoy his funny personality. Ladislas is very enthusiastic about everything and is often seen helping out wherever he can get around the boat.

Maddie is our conversationalist. She is always the one asking questions and keeping everyone involved in our daily chats about life, boys and our futures. Maci loves anything to do with water. She is always the first one to the beach and ready to snorkel or swim laps around the rest of the group. The girls of Catalinaville have become really close. Morgan is more reserved but has really opened up in the last few days. She takes most of the amazing photos you see on the blog. Casey arrived and seemed a little shy but we quickly found out that she speaks her mind. Her input into our conversation is always valued and taken to heart. Victoire has been practicing her English and asks great questions during our briefs and conversations. She is our healthiest eater, making sure we have fresh veggies at every meal! Nicolette is always smiling her beautiful smile. She is a friend to everyone on board Catalinaville and never turns down an opportunity to help. Hannah bounded onto the boat the first day, and that energy has never stopped! She is always laughing and joking with the group, and her stories entertain us for hours on end. We are so happy to have such a wonderful crew onboard Catalinaville and we hope you enjoy following our amazing adventures!